The Birth Ecolo Ionex

The Birth Ecolo Ionex

The year was 1965. Gasoline was 31 cents a gallon, you could buy a new car for around $2,600.00, and "The Sound of Music" won the Academy Award for best picture. In central Nebraska, a young man named DeWayne Hanes was introduced to the water treatment industry, working for a Culligan dealership. A short time later he became a distributor for General Ionics, likely the largest water conditioning company in the world at the time. They built the water conditioning equipment that went on board the USS Enterprise, the first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, and also for the first atomic powered submarine. They became very big in the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). While DeWayne was with General Ionics, many islands and cities around the world were able to have clean water by means of equipment designed and developed by this multinational company.

Through this union, and by working closely with the State Health Department, Rural Water Districts, and Natural Resource Districts, DeWayne began to see that there was a real need to advance further than what the water softener companies were willing to do. So, in 1994 he decided to form his own business, one that would be dedicated to providing highly efficient, state-of-the-art water conditioning equipment that was highly specialized to meet the challenges of a deteriorating water supply in the Midwest and elsewhere.

Today, there are thousands of Ecolo Ionex Water Conditioning Systems in the homes and businesses of Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, South Dakota, Missouri, and New York. Dewayne is the only certified water specialist west of Lincoln in the state of Nebraska. Ecolo Ionex is a member of the Water Quality Association - an international, not-for-profit organization that educates people who are in the water conditioning industry. They promote honesty and educate their members to deal fairly with customers.
DeWayne is proud to introduce you to the family of Ecolo Ionex Clean Water Professionals:

Ecolo Ionex of Western NY

Ecolo Ionex of Western NY

Lesli has grown up in the world of business. Her background includes the following: Auditing and Bookkeeping - working in the areas that deal with municipal water needs, also Management and Water Conditioning. Howard is a chemist and Metallurgist as well as a Certified Water Specialist with the Water Quality Association. They are both multilingual, fluent in English and Spanish. We are proud to have them represent us. They have attended classes sponsored by Ecolo Ionex Clean Water Systems and have received their certification from us. They are water professionals and will do a very thorough job for you as they analyze and consult with you concerning your water problems. Call them if your home or business water softening system needs to be updated or if you are in need of a water test. We have a system to handle whatever your water problem is. You will be pleased to have them sit down with you and honestly present you with the facts. Why not call them today?"

Kimberly Smith and Marvin Wilke

McCook, Nebraska

"Kim has been in the water conditioning business since 1993. She worked very hard as a representative of Ecolo Ionex as she raised her 3 children. She now has her own dealership for Southwest Nebraska. Kimberly has contributed much to the growth of our company over the past many years and has been able to run her business all on her own. You have no doubt met her at home shows and county fairs, or perhaps in your home or business as she tested your water or serviced your equipment. She has attended all schooling and classes sponsored by Ecolo Ionex and our associates, and is certified as one of our water technicians. You will enjoy her honest business practices and her straightforward approach to analysis and consultation. Call her today for a water analysis for your home or business, whatever your water problems may be."

Brian Hanes

Service & Installation

"Brian has been raised around the water treatment business world. He, along with his son, Tell, do an exceptional job of servicing our clean water & pure air equipment. They operate their own business, making sure that all systems operate at the high efficiency levels needed for today's dangerous air and water pollution, thus protecting you, the customer's, environment. Brian and Tell have completed all classes and in field, hands on schooling. They are certified by Ecolo Ionex to perform all work necessary to keep our state-of-the-art equipment in A-1 shape and on the cutting edge. They also install our water conditioners, reverse osmosis units, ultraviolet lights, and filters for you, the customer. In addition, they have a good working knowledge of most other softener company's equipment and many times can service it for you. Call them for efficient, quick, reliable service - whether it's filter changes, repair work, installing, or doing a complete water analysis for your home or business. They thank you."

Phil Robbins

Coin, Iowa

"For many years, Phil has built himself a fine reputation in the home building trade. He is well known in Western Iowa, Northwest Missouri, and Southeast Nebraska. He has been our distributor in the area since 2004 and is very well qualified to point out the differences between the Ecolo Ionex line of water conditioning equipment and the run-of-the-mill softeners. His quote is "I believe this water conditioning equipment is the best there is." I am personally very pleased to be associated with this man and his wife and deem it an honor to have them represent our company in their corner of the world. Please call him for comparisons, pricing, and consultation for your water needs. He will honestly set the facts before you."

Bob & Jo Randall

Ogallala, Nebraska

"Bob Randall is a name that all in the Ogallala, NE, area have known for years. He is of the family of Randalls that have been very successful in the home and commercial building business. Since 1996, he has used the Ecolo Ionex water & air equipment to solve polluted water and air problems in that area. We appreciate his honesty and conviction. Bob has attended the Ecolo Ionex schools and seminars. He has met the high criteria of those classes and is qualified to do water tests for homes and businesses under the auspices of Ecolo Ionex. He is your water professional for the Ogallala and surrounding area. Call him if your water is in need of being fixed. He will do you a good job and you will enjoy his happy, sincere, forthright approach to any air or water problem."