Ecolo Ionex Iron Horse

Ecolo Ionex Iron Horse

When water enters the IRON HORSE, it passes through a bubble of compressed air that adds oxygen to it. The water then passes through a filter bed. The filter material enhances a reaction that separates the iron from the water. The insoluble flakes of iron that result are then caught by the filter bed. (If you'd like to know the chemistry, see below!) The iron-free water then flows to your faucets.

The IRON HORSE replenishes itself every one to three days in a process that washes the iron out from the filter and down the drain, while refilling the compressed air bubble. This happens automatically during the night.

Iron Removal

For the chemists...

The filter media, which is Manganese Dioxide based, catalyses a reaction that turns ferrous iron, usually found in water in the form of ferrous bicarbonate [Fe(HCO ) ], which is soluble in water, into ferric oxide (Fe O ) and ferric hydroxide [Fe(OH) ] which are insoluble. This is the same reaction that takes place when iron-bearing water is exposed to air and which leads to staining of fixtures.

Rust Removal

  • No more rust
  • No more staining
  • No more iron-colored water
  • No more iron-tasting water

Made Simple

  • No expensive and messy chemicals
  • No pumps or venturis to go wrong
  • No maintenance, no filters to change