New state-of-the-art double compartment tanks take our already efficient systems to a level that is truly unsurpassed in the industry. This technology reduces salt usage by an additional 45 percent versus a traditional water softener. Get up to a 25% savings in salt consumption, energy and sewer costs.

  • Heavy duty structural fiberglass resin tank with separate salt storage tank.
  • Available in a cabinet model for those who like "all-in-one" convenience.
  • 8 cycle regeneration with 2 upflow back washes. (The water reverses direction during the rinsing cycle)
  • Refills brine tank with soft water, allowing for more thorough and efficient regeneration of the resin bed.
  • Attractive brushed stainless steel jacket, salt grid, safety float and bypass valve
  • Heavy duty, corrosion free, 5-position Noryl valve with 30 day memory for economy and service. Lifetime warranty.
  • Fully programmable cycles
  • Safe, low-voltage operation using only $1.00 in electricity per year